Behold, the bewitching celebrity looks to follow.

When it comes to celebrities walking on the red carpet it’s all glam & glitz – nothing else. With donning extravagant designer dresses, the entire ensemble is put together with the right hair & makeup. Inspired by some of the best celebs looks, ahead is CB’s all-time favorites for you to recreate. 

A hit of drama on the lashes ft. Jennifer Lopez.


Full on glam look.

J.Lo’s look here is all about adding to the drama with heavy lashes & smokey eyes. To achieve the look, simply start with applying dark liner Black 01 from Collection Extreme Bold 24 along your upper & lower lashlines. Blend the dark color to create that smokey look & bring out a mysterious depth to your look.  

Eyeshadow is a game-changer in this look. For the base, apply a light color on your upper lid & over your brow-line. Smoothly blend the color in the direction of your temples (upward direction). Now choose a dark-colored palette from Rimmel Edition Kaleidoscope Holographic Palette and apply it to your lid along your lash line & to the outer corner of your eye. 

Getting into creating the perfect transition between light & dark colors- apply a medium color between the light & dark shades to soften the dark color on your lower lash. To give a shine add shimmery color to the highest part of your brows along with the inner corners of your eyes use L’Oreal Chromatic Bronze Highlight & Contour Palette.  

Lastly, set your lashes with Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Mascara to your lower & upper lashes. Complete your look with L’Oreal Beige Nude Brown Lipstick & you are all set to rock. 


Soft tanned & bronze glow ft. Demi Lovato.

Metallic glam


With a subtle hint of metal, Demo Lovato look is simply stunning. For a “just got back from the beach vacation” look start with the basics- moisturize your skin and apply primer with liquid illuminator from L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Anti-Dull Primer. Choose a glowy foundation or something slightly warmer than your normal skin tone for a tanned look. Max Factor Skin Luminizer Miracle Foundation is a great option for a dewey & natural finish. Choose a shade that makes the tan looks like ‘it’s coming from within’ & not ‘on the top of the skin’.

Use a good radiant & creamy concealer to conceal the bridge area. Top it with a translucent powder on the areas you will be using the highlighter & bronzer. Another great option is a 2 in 1 concealer cum highlighter Lumi Magique Highlighter Concealer from L’Oreal for a flawless complexion. To get a natural finish simply use a warm tone blusher along with a highlighter on the high areas of your face where the light naturally bounces off! 

For eyes, Maybelline’s Total Temptation Eyeshadow & Highlight Palette is something you should get your hands on. The palette is packed with 10 shades of eyeshadows & highlighter- all in 1. 



Soft & romantic ft. Salena Gomez.

Soft glam look

Salena’s diffused eye-shadow look is hyped for all the right reasons. To pull this look carry your regular eye prep ritual. L’Oreal Paris Mega Palette Eyeshadow – Cherry My Cheri palette is your holy grail with 16 tempting hues like pure wine, vivid berry & pure plums. Blending is the key here- simply blend the shade back & forth, working from the outer corner to the inner corner. For the additional product on your crease use circular motion to blend it off. Here is an extra tip- in case you want to create something with a lighter tone- a fluffier brush with lighter strokes for blending will do the job. 

Now, this bare minimum look is incomplete with nude lipstick. You can go ahead with your regular everyday nude lip shade & hit the road! 

The Monochrome glam ft. Rihanna.

Monochrome glam look

No one can pull the monochrome glam better than home girl Rihana! 

Adding the drama with elegance- this black beauty carries the boldest lip colors like it’s no big deal. The look has two elements to it- The bold lip (of course) with a blend of shimmer and smokey eyes. Let’s take them one by one-

The lips- Choose the shade of your choice from L’Oreal Color Riche La Palette Extravaganza Lips. Create texture with a good mix of matte, metallic & glitter for added depth & dimension. Following your sequence of prepping your lips, highlight the cupid’s bow & overline your lips for a fuller appearance. 

The eyes- You can match your eyeshadow with the lip color or give it a shimmery nude look. Adding a metallic or bronze hint to the eyes will tie the deal for you! 

Hollywood red ft. Marilyn Monroe.

Sleek red glam look

Marilyn Monroe’s fail-proof look with classic red lips will go a long way. Sleek & chic with a royal pout that works almost on every skin tone. When it comes to red lips – you can play with a wide range of shades. From matte to gloss texture, or from dark maroon to rich red – pick & choose! 

To help you more with this look read our article – GET GLAMOROUS RED LIPS WITH THE TOP 5 RED SHADES ON CB.


 Pretty orange lips ft. Scarlett Johansson.

Orange lips look

Scarlett’s bold pop of color look is bringing out the fresh spring vibes. Coral hues are on a hype these days plus easy to create. All you need is the lipstick & blush of the right shade. 

Focusing on lips grab an orange shade from Glam lips by L’Oreal Color Riche La Palette. This vibrant kit has 6 coral hues & fuchsia for you to test out. Go ahead and use the same shade as a blush. To add an extra oomph to the look use a light coverage foundation for the base to let your skin shine through. 


Dazzling vintage look ft. Constance Wu.

Vintage glam look

This off-the-edge vintage look by Constance Wu is all about hyping your cupid’s bow with bold eyes. To match the lips go with 464 Cafe Creme shade L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Satin lipstick range. Another great option is the 466 Like A Boss shade again by L’Oreal Color Riche Shine. For a more precise & clean look use a brush while applying your lipstick. Use a dark black kohl liner & high volume mascara as mentioned in the above section for smokey eyes.  


Shimmery Nude ft. Kim Kardashian.

Nude makeup look

Keeping the look minimalistic, Kim has hyped up the nude look. Playing with classic neutral tones, the look is extremely versatile & flattering. Not to mention that it is easy to pull when compared with bright & bold makeup routines. If you are familiar with your skin’s undertone, stick to it & grab everything accordingly- from foundation to lipstick.

Use the foundation with a hydrating formula to add the shine & a subtle but long-lasting metallic blush & highlighter to bring out the features of your face. Talking about the eyes here, play it off with a thin eyeliner & loads of mascara. Tie it all up with the perfect 700 Naught Nude or SALUTE lip shade by Rimmel & a sleek bun or ponytail.   


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