10 sparkling nail art designs to save before your next trip to salon.

Nail trends for 2022

We all agree that nothing finishes off your entire look quite like a shining set of nails. With nail art trends blowing up the fashion industry, this is now realm for self-expression for many of us. Experimented & worn by a multitude of celebs on the red carpet, along with making their way right on the runways at Fashion Week like New York, Milan, and Paris, these are now among the trendsetters of the fashion world.  From Selena Gomez recently setting her case for neoprene coral with lime-green nails to Kylie Jenner hyping her humble ‘coffee & errands’ look with some purple tips elongated nails- you name it, people have done it!
To know more about this art – we have followed some social-media sessions like Bella Hadid’s all-time favorite Mei Kawajiri (Nails by Mei) & Park Eunkyung of Unistella with the recent trends & techniques. From an infinite number of twists on the French manicure to sweet & simple DIY-able rainbow nails, there’s something for your every mood.     
Let’s hop in & see what 2022 holds for us! 

  • Velvet Tips. 

This literally took  Instagram by storm. Keeping the glitz to the tips, this is absolutely mesmerizing. Celebrity nail artist Queenie Nguyen says “Velvet nails are usually achieved by using magnetic polishes and a magnet to control the movement of the velvet effect. You can definitely DIY the look at home using magnetic polish and a gel lamp to seal the velvet effect in.” With better control over the magnet, one can create an infinite number of unique looks. “What I love the most about this look is how chic and subtle it is,” adds Nguyen. “I also like that it’s very versatile where the look can be worn by itself or with additional nail art over it.”  

p.c https://fashionisers.com/ 

Velvet tips nail art

  • Checkerboard Nails:

60’s checkered love is back again. Kylie Jenner rocked this trend with her go-to manicurist Chaun Legend. “I love this look all around,” says Smith & Cult brand ambassador and nail artist Jessica Tong-Ahn. “It has to be my favorite nail look she’s chosen so far. Checkered print is very of the moment, and this colorway brings it some spring-summer energy. I do think that we will be seeing more of this in the coming months, and I can’t wait to give it a try myself.”
If you are in the mood for a DIY project this weekend- this is it! Consider recreating the manicure by digging through your nail polish collection and pulling out your favorite colors. Start with painting your nails with a base coat followed by creating the checkered pattern with different shades of the same color or you can play around to create something unique. Finish it off with a transparent coating & you are good to go. 

p.c- https://www.nailsbab.com/

Checkered nail art

  • French Manicure:

French mani is more inclined towards the old classic fashion of straight lines accentuating the tips of your nails. Nail artist Gina Edwards tells “Most people viewed the French as a classic and kept true to the white tips.” However, moving ahead & giving it a modern edge you can use different colors on each nail creating an entirely new generation of French manicures. 

If you’re ready to paint the town yourself, New York City-based nail artist Lolly Koon suggests that you put the polish brush right in the center & mark a simple dash. Make arcs on each side of the nail & connect them. “If you go from one side to the other, one side is going to be thick, and the other side is going to be thin because you’re going to offload all the polish onto one side,” says Koon while talking to Allure.  Create neon Platte or tie & dye patterns- the world is yours. 

p.c- https://www.popsugar.com/

French manicure nail art trend

  • Mismatched Hands:

Sweet & simple- mismatched hands are easy to create. Shades like lilac or moss green will make your hands look stylish & elegant at the same time. The real beauty of mismatched nail trends is its space for creativity. Low on maintenance but highly meticulous, this is a work of art. From various abstract designs to small details or decals it’s all is about go-big-or-go-home. 
p.c- https://busywifebusylife.com/

Mismatched nail art

  • Pastel swirls:

No denying that pastel ombré nails are all about cool springy vibes. Although the look is versatile & adaptable, it’s easy to get it wrong. England-based nail artist Trang Vu says “I recommend providing your nail technician with a few inspiration photos of the types of swirls you like. It is always useful to have a color palette in mind.” Getting a basic idea of the colors that you are looking for would be great. Vu adds that “Your technician can help you pick them out and, if necessary, pair those shades with complementary colors.”

pc- https://shortnaildesign.com/

Pastel swirls nail art design

  • Monochrome florals.

These black & white flowers were on the top of the chart back in the 2000s. Extremely handy – all you need is two different colors of nail paints, mainly black & white. Now you can paint the base coat on your nail with one and go ahead with choosing the other one for creating followers for a contrasting effect. To add to the effect, you can use an essence base coat along with adding some tiny gemstone here & there. 

pc- https://www.nailsbab.com/

Monochrome florals art nail design

  • Soft skittles. 

Skittles aka rainbow nails are the extension version of the mismatched trend. For the past two years, these are on hype. Now for 2022, these are updated with pastels skittles of soft skittle. Super fun to do these nails are similar to therapy. Again you can experiment with the range of bright colors if you are looking for something more vibrant.  

pc- https://www.byrdie.com/

Soft skittles art nail trend

  • Graphic edge: 

Transforming negative space into creative trends is what this is all about. The coolest way to bring an edge is adding some metallic & gold touch with a sleek finish. Another way to create three-dimensional designs on solid white nail canvas. You can easily go ahead with any color of your choice as done by Hailee Steinfeld. Creating a futuristic feel with black-&-mauve mani adding to the classic feel was the mauve color as the base coat. 

pc- https://www.byrdie.com/

Graphic edge nail art

  • Cold emerald. 

Deep green is one of the hottest & trending colors right now. These jewel tones are evergreen & perfect for every occasion. “Brands like Bottega Veneta made green the hottest color for autumn/winter 21, and nothing feels more put together than matching your manicure to fashion’s favorite hue,” says Michelle Humphrey, celebrity manicurist.
From mint green to sage green – there is a wide spectrum of green shades for you to try & test.  “There are no hard rules when it comes to matching nail polish to your skin tone, but warm undertones tend to suit brighter, more intense colours. Think Bottega green and sage,” she adds. “Darker skin tones work well with most shades of green, you’ll find the lighter the shade of green, the more it will pop. Khaki and olive look stunning on darker skin.”

pc- https://naildesignsjournal.com/

Cold emerald nail art

  • Edgy French. 

Toughen up your french manicure look by creating an edgy french mani. Recently Selena, while sharing her behind-the-scene glimpse, was spotted rocking a french manicure with a twist.  The look is simply alluring against an all-black outfit and stacked rings.  

pc- https://naildesignsjournal.com/

Edgy french nail art

Now to help you find achieve any of the above looks you need to get your hands on high-end nail polish. And how do you get one? 

Here is how:

  1. If you want a polish with a quick-drying formula look for ‘ethyl acetate’ in the formula which vaporizes quickly & “sets” fester. 
  2. For a polish with an opaque finish; look for polishes with “iron oxides.”
  3. If you fancy shimmery, sparkly, or a frosted finish, get polish with the “mica” formulation.    
  4. In case you are someone with high concern about the effect of polishes on the environment, you can simply go ahead with nail paints with acrylic polymers & water. The resin & solvent duo releases a minimum to zero percentage of VOCs, hence are eco-friendly in nature. 

Anatomy of a Nail Polish

In case you are struggling to find the right shade for your skin tone, the following might help you:
A. For fair skin: Try to find hues with lighter shades such as:

  • Pastel colors. 
  • Peach 
  • Orange 
  • Red

B. For medium to olive skin: Amazing thing about this range of complexion is it can carry any color shade with a hint of rust or gold. Look for:

  • Nudes. 
  • Orange-Red.
  • Pink.
  • Sky Blue.
  • Purple.

C. For dark skin tones: It might sound shocking but dark colors work best with dark skin tones. Dark colors pop out and look vibrant. Do try these out:

  • Bright pink or Fuchsia. 
  • Darker berry tint of purple shade. 
  • Deep maroons & reds.
  • Beige & creme color with a hint of sheer. 
  • Intense cobalt hues with a hint of gold. 


Colour of your make up:


Along with the above-mentioned factors, the color of your makeup can create wonder or blunders. To avoid looking tacky, match your nail color wisely with your makeup’s color pattern. Go for a darker shade for polish if you are wearing dark makeup, this will make you look ‘pulled together’ for any event or evening. And no one is going to judge you for putting similar shades of nail paint & lipstick. 




To avoid the embarrassment of being over-dressed or under-dressed, keep in mind the nature of the occasion. Choose what’s appropriate so as to avoid looking out of place. For a casual lunch with friends feel free to go with fun &  bubbly colors, but for a job interview or a business meeting switch to the safer side and go with neutral colors.   


Last but not least – although it’s a great choice to go with the fashion trends flow you dont have to join the bandwagon if you are not comfortable with it. Simply have fun with the process of getting pampered and looking pretty & take care of your nails!   


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