Time to go rouge- 11 fantasy hair colors for you to rock the season.

Fantasy Hair colors

As fancy as the name, fantasy hair colors are raging the fashion world. Literally covering the entire color spectrum, these combinations will be worn by many in 2022. 

Celebrities like Nicki Minaj (known for her pink hair from the track Super Bass), Ricky Martin (also on-boarded the pink dye train embracing his feminine side), Kristen Stewart (changed her look drastically with an orange hair dye), Luke Evans (channeled his inner Sir Woody with red hair) and many more have ditched their natural hair color in the past year.

From vivid & vibrant trends like neon color pop & mermaid to softer hues from the color wheel like pastel violet & buttery bold, stay with us to know what will be in craze in 2022.    

Rose hair color:

One of the most popular hair colors is the PINK. Available in Rosy gold, hot pink, pink with brunettes, rose ombre brown, and countless other shades, there is one for everyone. Not only female celebs like Emma Roberts and Dua Lips are having fun playing around with this hue, but male heartthrobs like Joe Jonas & Jaden Smith are also seen rocking the pink bleach! 


Metallic iridescent color:

Dark ashy locks with a hint of metallic gray? Yes, please! If you have naturally dark hair, smokey grey highlights are the one for you. Pick the gunmetal silver highlights that would appear natural with black or raven strands. For the highlights to pop, we propose edgy lobs and wavy layers with a hint of smokey blue or purple. 

Metallic iridescent hair color


Rose gold shimmer hair color:

This is officially the trend that keeps coming back. To attain this,  the key is to find the perfect blend of dusty pink with a tint of apricot slightly loaded with a metallic shimmer for boosting the shine. Irrespective of the base color, this shade of rose gold glows with every complexion. 

Rose Gold Shimmer Color

Opalescent Pastel balayage:

Pre-lightened, balayage hair color looks stunning with soft shimmering tones. Before moving into iridescent tones of blue, purple, and soft pink through your ends, ask your stylist to maintain your roots dark or add a root shadow to naturally blonde hair & voila; you have a perfect look. 

Opalescent balayange


Rainbow hair color:

No matter what skin tone you have, the color of your eyes, or how many shades of dresses you own in your wardrobe, the rainbow hair trend goes well with every hairstyle & makeup palette. You can bleach your hair with all the colors from VIBGYOR or can keep your natural hair color at the top and dye the end strands of your hair to pull up a rainbow bun. You simply shouldn’t wait to join the so-called ‘UNICORN TRIBE.’

Rainbow hair color


Pastel colors:

Pretty pastel is a safe place for all the newbies out there. Along with instantly brightening up the mood, these are also super cool and popular. Easy to DIY, the fading imperfection brings an element of carefree appeal to this entire look. Ahead we have a few well-known colors that are super easy to carry:


– Pink:

Just imagine subtle pink hair with a bold-winged eyeliner! Yes exactly. This soft hue will go well with darker roots, so you don’t have to run to the salon to hide them. 

Pink pastel haircolor


– Blue:

Attention grabbers, the first sight of any blue shade of pastel is unique in its own way. Choose a dark or blue-black with ombre hair colors combination instead of full ink blue for the strands which will stand out.  

Blue pastel haircolor


–  Green:

The shade is simply cool & crisp. From soothing mint shade to ash green, the range of colors is to die for. 

Green Patel hair color


Peach hair color:

Peach, the color of fall, is another soothing pastel hue for you to try out. Mark DeBolt, co-owner of New York’s Ryan Salon & celebrity colorist, comments, “Peach is so pretty on so many different skin tones.” Further adding that “because it’s such a warm color, it makes skin & eye glow and makes your hair look so healthy.” 

Peach hair color


Smoldering gray-n-blue:

Rich and deep gray undoubtedly make the statement no matter what your age is. Aim for gray roots and further add a smoldering deep blue shade towards the end of your hair strands. 

Grey and blue hair color  


Orange & red:

The most vibrant of all is Orange+Red. Brighter than the sunshine, the combination in itself carries a bold statement. You can fire up any regular haircut with endless hues & tones. Play with highlights, tips, or dark rooted orange and slowly move down with red. The options are simply endless with this duo.  

Orange & pink hair color



Neon is all about the bold & bright punked hair. Ditch the subtle shades & natural and pick a fresh fluorescent color for the season. One recent rend is the UV react colors which GLOW under the blacklight. Mix any shade of your choice & to preserve the UV reactivity, add a small dose of a darker shade or other darker neon hue.   

Neon hair color


Rose gold:

Rose gold hair is the hybrid of various combinations of pink, peach, rose, coral, salmon, sand, blush & finally, gold. The hue can be simply applied with subtlety or can be simply hyped for vivid effect. It surely checks all the boxes- it’s cool & interesting. Low on maintenance & perfect for every skin tone, the shade is perfect for rocking your everyday look.   

Rose gold hair color

Decode your hair color numbering system.  

You can simply get the most out of your favorite hair color and avoid the undesirable tint from it; you need to know the inside out of the shade you are going for. Hiding under the complicated number codes lies the truth of your favorite shade. Professional hair colors are characterized by a couple of numbers and letters combined to state the shade for a particular color. 

  • The number that comes before the slash, dash, decimal, or dot is the indicator of the color level. 
  • Number after the slash is the indicator of the color shade & reflects the primary tone of the color.
  • Second number from slash is the indicator of the color reflection & indicates the secondary tone.  

Level of color


What is the ‘Level of color’? 

The level of color (depth/lightness) is the first number that displays on the tube. The hue or substance of the color is described by the tone, which is a number that specifies how light or dark the color is. Each of the eleven color levels is aptly named to signify a distinct degree of lightness or darkness, as you can see. The higher the initial number, the brighter the tone (for example, 1 equals black, 10 equals very light blonde). You may also come across a color depth of 11 and 12, which normally suggests a color for the lightning process. You should always check a brand’s color guide before making a color decision.

All professional hairdresser brands utilize this numbered system to indicate the intensity of color. Unlike the primary/secondary tone, it has uniform labeling. The color numbering scheme for color levels, however, has slight variances.

Color shade


What are ‘Reflects & color shades’? 

The tone or hue you want to attain is the next step in the color selecting process. To achieve excellent color results, you must choose the right tone. The other numbers following the slash or decimal point show this. Every hair salon utilizes a scale that is slightly different (see picture below). However, the labeling approach is extremely similar. Generally speaking:

  • Shade: 

After the slash, the first number denotes the hue inside the color is referred to as the primary tone. In the final hair color, the color shade will be more visible. The primary tone also determines whether the hair color is warm or chilly.

  • Reflect:

After the slash, the second (or third) number refers to the secondary tone, which is all made up of color reflections. Color reflections will be less noticeable in the final hair color.

color shade pattern


Neutralizing color tones. 

The warm undertone of the hair color is lightened in phases, from red to a very pale yellow, during the lightening process. This underlying natural pigmentation might be overpowering at times. Fortunately, the color numbering system also allows for the removal of these undesirable undertones. To tackle this difficulty, most brands have specific hues in their color palette. When selecting a product and processing time, it’s critical to consider this undertone. A complimentary tone must be employed in the formula to neutralize the undertone. Cold (ash) tones neutralize warm (red or gold) tones, and warm tones neutralize cool tones, according to a basic law of hair color. Decide whether it’s too red, orange, or yellow, and then pick a complimenting tone.


This is how to keep your dyed hair healthy.

So finally, you have gone rogue and have chosen the right Colorista clan. Here are some tips to keep your hair strong & healthy- 

Avoid frequent hair wash:

To keep the color intact, avoid washing your hair frequently. Simply set your washing schedule twice or thrice per week. Also, for soaking up all the oil from your scalp, grab a good dry shampoo, and you are good to go.   


The holy grail – Conditioner:

After coloring your hair, they become fragile. So allow your hair to absorb some oil, conditioning polymers & all the hydrating elements that it requires. Along with conditioning, this will form a protective layer to prevent further damage. 


Pick up the ‘right’ shampoo:

Regular shampoos wash away the color or might accelerate the color fading process. And that’s why color protective shampoos come into the picture. The key here is to look choose formulations with “low sulphate” labels to keep color for a longer duration of time. 


Protect from heat:

Reduce the heat damage with heat protection sprays, and frequently use hair masks. These will protect your hair when exposed to sun rays & will help in styling your color hair in a more sophisticated way. 


Grab hair masks:

A subpart of conditioning as already mentioned above- dedicate 5-10 minutes twice a week to hair masks to give a dose of all the nourishment that your hair requires. Not only does it help with the repair of the damaged hair, but it also adds shine and keeps them stronger for a longer period of time. 


Air drying is the best:

To keep the color vibrant, avoid using blow dryers & curling iron. Keep the moisture intact & depend on air drying for best results.